Single aus varel

This collection holds several types of the genus from the tropics.

As my main objective is the taxonomic revision of these species, the samples, particularly holotypes, are crucial for my research.

I have discovered at least two new species from Costa Rica and also several ones collected from Nicaragua which had been unknown for that country before.

Single aus varel

Have you found any special or very rare specimens here?It was frightening but fortunately he disappeared somewhere so we did not get injured. chat gratis danmark Ikast-Brande Another time we heard shots and barking dogs from a village. This may sound shocking but in Mexico you need to get used to such situations. I prefer places that have unique environmental circumstances.(A holotype is the single specimen upon which a new nominal species-group taxon is based in the original publication) To make sure which species are living today in Central and South America, I need to supervise the old descriptions.During this process I am taking photos and measurements about these beetles in order to document the steps of the research.

Single aus varel

We were there for some special Hydrophilidae, which is a so-called Gondwanian group, because they live in the southernmost fragments of the ancient mega-continent Gondwana, namely in Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.It is a subfamily that was called Rygmodinae but we changed the name to Cylominae because it has nomenclatorial priority.These specimens are very rare in collections around the world and since it is not possible to loan them, I try to take advantage of every minute here to check them and record their specific morphological characters. The holotype (and the only existing specimen) of (Strohecker, 1979), a species of handsome fungus beetle endemic to the island of New Caledonia.It is housed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum (photo: Emmanuel Arriaga-Varela) What is your further work about and how these steps you mentioned will contribute to that?I am sure all of them will be included in professional papers.


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