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There was a double wheel of death, presented by DIORIO’S BRAZILIAN DEVILS; there was the clown JIMMY FOLCO and finally, the SHANDONG TROUPE with foot juggling with elements from Risley acts.

As in 2010 Circus Arena’s winter quarter in Aarslev was open to the public during the winter holidays, summer holidays and autumn holidays.

free dating dk Svendborg

It was wonderful to meet a clown, who not had to drag innocent people from the audience into the ring to arouse amusement.This resulted in swampy circus lots where a visiting circus sometimes afterwards was met with demands for costly renovation of lots after use.Even if a lot was so soft that even a child’s tricycle would leave tracks!Disguised as Mowgli he performed backward somersault from elephant to elephant, he climbed - like in a trick rider act - under and around the elephant's belly and he went in splits as he stood with one leg on each elephant.And finally he made a backward somersault from a teeter boards to an elephant - where another elephant stamped at the teeter board.

Free dating dk Svendborg

This year she was working with Jackie Berdino’s son Patrick - in a roller skate act and in the opening act, which probably can be called a mlange entre.And she is a powerful part in colorful high school riding where she rides together with her mother Alexia and two members of the Berdino family: Laura and Anastazja (due to getting a baby Laura had to stop riding after some month.Unlike other art forms the Danish circuses does not get any sort of public subsidy. free dating dk Svendborg-38free dating dk Svendborg-70free dating dk Svendborg-80 The only circus form, which received support from the Ministry of Culture, is the so-called new circus (contemporary circuses). The second rainiest summer since DMI meteorologist in 1874 began to collect rainfall measurements.The reason was technical problems with the equipment.


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