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As of 2017, the Megaron is now owned by the Greek government—and hence the public.During the one hundred days of documenta 14, figures by artist Apostolos Georgiou’s pay a visit to the Megaron through a series of paintings scattered throughout the building’s empty anterooms, which are decorated with heavy and ornate golden chandeliers.The National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST), which collects Greek and international art from the postwar period to the present, moved to its permanent home in the former Fix Brewery on Syngrou Avenue in 2014.

Another aspect of the partnership between documenta 14 and Odeion Athinon has been the process of restoring the EMS Synthi 100, a rare analogue synthesizer built in a limited edition by Electronic Music Studios, London, in 1971 and later purchased by the Contemporary Music Research Center (KSYME).With its inward-looking architecture and spacious inner courtyard, the 138 Pireos St. internet dating kostenlos Münster Annex offers an opportunity for investigating untold, unfinished, or otherwise overshadowed histories—and proposing novel museologies, instantiated by the newly commissioned and historical works included in this major portion of documenta 14 exhibition.These lights are only switched on only during concerts, reveal the paintings’ protagonists as endlessly entangled in paradoxical and menacing social rituals of the recent past, and perhaps the surreal present.(Symphony from the Third World), a culmination of years of experimentation with choirs and orchestras as well as his own invention, the “utilés sonoros” (sound utensils), which is on display at the Megaron at the time of his performance.

Seriose sex dating seiten Kassel

documenta 14 asks what (kind of citizen) can this factory still produce?The figure of Diogenes—the Cynic, cosmopolitan, and self-proclaimed citizen of the world—serves as our guide, whom we encounter on the ground floor in the copper engraving of Nicholas Poussin’s painting .documenta 14 is founded on several important institutional partnerships in Athens and Kassel. seriose sex dating seiten Kassel-61seriose sex dating seiten Kassel-41seriose sex dating seiten Kassel-39 Each of these individual relationships with institutions—and the people who make them work—results in specific programming, research, and collaborative projects.Four commissioned compositions on the instrument are being performed at Megaron for documenta 14, forming a relationship between the now “antique” machine and a new generation of Greek and international electronic musicians.


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