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However, these pavilions are also used to display the newest products of these brands and visitors are usually allowed to sit, if not exactly drive, the cars on display.From a distance, Autostadt is easiest recognized by the two 60 m tall, glass-wall cylindrical towers where Volkswagen cars are kept prior to being shipped to new owners.A 700-m tunnel connects the towers to the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg.

single chat kostenlos wolfsburg volkswagen

Ultramodern architecture is used for the glass-and-steel buildings that house brand pavilions in a large park landscape.Autostadt is an enormous exercise in public relations and branding.It is used by the various brands in the Volkswagen Group to display its cars, values, histories, design philosophies, etc.The 15-minute tour cost €8 for adults, €4 for children and should be booked at the Welcome Desk at the Autostadt entrance.The Customer Center in Autostadt has a large shop selling car accessories and related paraphernalia.

Single chat kostenlos wolfsburg volkswagen

It is all glitzy PR but a fun trip with the Zeit Haus alone offering one of the most important automobile museums in the world.Autostadt is hugely popular with families with many activities and hand-on experiences.The Volkswagen Group’s premium brands – Bugatti and Bentley – unfortunately share an exhibition space. single chat kostenlos wolfsburg volkswagen-66single chat kostenlos wolfsburg volkswagen-65 In the Premium Clubhouse, only a few cars are usually on display and for most visitors it is see only and don’t touch, or caress (streicheln), the automobiles.Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen all have their own brand pavilions in Autostadt.

Here various aspects of car design, or the history of the brand, are highlighted.The “milestone qualities” of the cars are also explained, e.g.the first front-wheel drive passenger car (1928 Alvis) or the most-built plastic bodied car (the East German Trabant 601S in duroplast).Volkswagen’s Autostadt, literally Car City, in Wolfsburg is a large 28-hectare parkland campus with ultramodern glass-and-steel buildings of astonishing architecture.These are set in a green park with ample use of water features and gentle landscaping.


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