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Research is currently in progress into the relationship between actor and network (Müller 2012; Knappett 2013: 3-15).From an actor-network perspective, people and artefacts are perceived as being bound together in complex relationships (Latour 2005).

single dating Odense

But does it follow that changes in material culture can be seen as reflecting changes in the identity and self-perception of individual actors?However, in recent decades the role of the individual has begun to feature more prominently in research on Medieval towns (Carelli 2001; Rosén 2004; Larsson 2006a, 2006b; Anglert & Lindeblad 2004: 5), as evident from the anthology Everyday products in the Middle Ages (Hansen et al. The emphasis has thereby shifted from power configurations and topography to the town's individual inhabitants.This research perspective is central to the present project and is rendered operational via foundation in agency theory and the tangible material culture.Vilhelm Werners Plads, located centrally in the medieval town.Good conditions for preservation, combined with the large size of the investigated area, have provided a rare insight into the development, from the Early to the Late Middle Ages, of almost an entire block, from the street through backyards to the alleyway beyond, with an extensive finds assemblage and well-preserved structures such as booths, houses, byres and stables, latrines, paths, roads, fences, refuse depots and much more.

Single dating Odense

Similarly, the potential of social network studies, applied to research on the Medieval town as in equivalent Viking Age studies (Sindbæk 2007), remains unacknowledged - a situation the present project aims to remedy.Most recently, the Entrepot project (2012-14) has carried out pilot studies focussing on networks and urbanity as reflected in material trends from AD 500-1200.Agency theory highlights how the individual influences society through their conscious actions, including the creation and use of material culture.The latter should, in this respect, be perceived in the broadest possible sense, i.e.Establishment of the Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (Urb Net) in 2015 presents a unique opportunity to develop research into urbanity and urban networks in a global perspective.

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