Singleportal Mannheim

Das Internet-Portal mit umfassenden Informationen für Mannheimer Senioren jeden Alters. Wohnen - auch das Betreute Wohnen oder das Wohnen im Pflegeheim ist hier Thema.

Freizeit - zeigt Ihnen immer etwas für die aktiven Stunden im Mannheimer Senioren-Leben. Pflege - behandelt informativ den Pflege-Bereich, mit dem man sich nicht früh genug befassen kann.

singleportal Mannheim

It is part of the Business School of the University of Mannheim, whose history traces back to the early 20th century and which is the undisputed #1 in Germany when it comes to educating future business leaders.Mannheim Business School unites the activities of the University of Mannheim and its Business School under a single organizational umbrella.With its roughly 50 employees, it is responsible for the organization and marketing of the school's management education programs.Should your home university also allow you to follow selected Bachelor level courses, those are of course also open to you.Learning outcomes:- Tax planning for partnerships- Tax planning for corporations- Real estate transfer tax- Changes of corporate form and reorganizations- Business acquisitions Learning targets:- The students study in detail specific rules which are particularly important for the tax planning of partnerships and corporations- The students learn to optimize business structuring for tax purposes- Particular attention is paid to business reorganizations and the development of efficient tax solutions Aim of module: - Basics of international business taxation, - taxation of inbound investments, - taxation of outbound investments, - transfer pricing, - cross-border reorganisations.

Singleportal Mannheim

The University of Mannheim itself, of course, also has much to offer: the wide range of sporting activities; the university choir, orchestra and various theater groups invite participants to join in the fun; and countless initiatives and groups formed by students give participants the opportunity to get involved.If you are a Bachelor’s student: You have to choose your business courses from the ‘Bachelor level’ courses only.No matter what your current career goals are - as Germany's leading business school, will enable you to achieve them.While we offer a wide variety of high-calibre management programs for all career stages, they all excel academically as well as providing practical relevance.Mannheim has much to offer its visitors – and the design Wyndham Mannheim Hotel is the ideal base from which to discover the city and its surrounding area.

Our First Class Hotel in Mannheim invites you to discover a fashionable new world of charm, style and luxury.

Renowned rankings document Mannheims leading position. The Business School of the University of Mannheim has built an outstanding reputation internationally: Mannheim professors regularly publish their results in leading journals such as the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Finance and Management Science and are highly sought-after speakers at conferences around the world.

Many standard works, which form the foundation of business administration programs nationwide and internationally, were written by Mannheim professors.

Master level courses are generally not open to Bachelor/undergraduate students.

Exceptions can only be made if you are in your 4th year of an undergraduate programme when you come to Mannheim or - very rarely - upon special request from your home university to Mrs.


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